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Pastor Kelly is an author, minister, husband, father, but most of all he is a Disciple of Jesus Christ. His testimony is a powerful tool in which God uses to reach the lost and the hurting. He was born in Los Angeles, California. When he was about 12-years-old, he went with his cousin to see a movie on the end times called “A Thief in the Night.” He went forward and responded to the call for salvation, but because of his home environment and lack of supervision, he headed down a road of drugs and alcohol and became consumed with the punk rock scene.

For the next seven years, he was completely involved in the drugs, alcohol and punk rock scene. By his 16th birthday, he was on the run and living on the streets or with friends. After a few years, his grandfather made provisions for him to stay in the garage of his rental property at the time. The family that lived in that home were born-again Christians and they were praying for Pastor Kelly’s salvation. He was still addicted to drugs, alcohol and punk rock music with his blue hair and chains. This family continued to pray for him. One day he came home from a 3-day meth binge, walked into the garage, and fell on his knees to accept Jesus.

On October 2, 1988 Pastor Kelly married Esther, and on March 28, 1991 they brought forth their firstborn child, James Kelly Lohrke. God had spoken to him and given him visions of becoming a pastor and pioneering a church one day. He was determined to do whatever God asked him to do. In September 1993, Pastor Kelly was ordained and sent by his home church. Watch the video below for details of Pastors Kelly’s testimony of how God saved him.

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